Hi Year 5!

We hope you are all well and safe.

Here is your weekly update, Home Learning Guidance and materials for the week beginning 22.6.2020.

It is great to see more of you accessing Google Classroom. If you haven’t already accessed it, you simply need your login details for the school site and then a code which you can be provided with by your class teacher. The icon is shown above. You must access it using your own school email.

This will enable you to access our shared Class Drive where we have backed up all of your Home Learning Guidance from previous weeks for easier access. This means you can go back and check out any resources, including all of the Classroom Secrets Home Learning packs you may not have managed to have a go at yet and makes life a little easier for finding older resources all in one place, rather than searching through old web posts. We hope you will find this useful. Do feedback any technical issues and we will try to resolve them for you asap!

Local Heroes Project

Your new project for the next two weeks focuses on history and local heroes – click here to access the file directly.

Your tasks are to:

  1. Research the life of Grace Darling and find out why she became a local hero.
  2. Why is Grace Darling remembered?
  3. Picture Evidence: study an image of Grace Darling and use it to extract information in order to create a piece of narrative writing.
  4. Victorian slang in modern writing.
  5. Create a lighthouse model.
  6. Think of your own local hero and write a biography on them.

We’d love to see some of your end products – take some pics and share them with us via email or Class Dojo!

Guidance Overview

We have provided the usual resources in the Home Learning files including:

  • Overview (timetable ideas and useful links)
  • Monday – Friday files (resources specific to that day as per the overview)
  • Maths (starters and daily tasks)
  • English (useful prompts, word of the week and grammar activities)
  • Spelling and Grammar (part of daily tasks or English file)
  • Reading (part of daily tasks)
  • Classroom Secrets Home Learning Packs (fully differentiated)
  • EAL (useful resources for those receiving support from EMTRAS)
  • Something a bit different – (exactly that!)

We have also included a ‘Science‘ folder. In it, you will find the next two lessons of our topic ‘Forces’ which we would have been studying in school. They have been slightly adapted to accommodate the fact you are at home and may not have access to certain resources. We will follow this up with another two lessons next week.


White Rose Maths

Please note, that the first two lessons of this week’s usual schedule for White Rose Maths has already been covered by us earlier on in the lockdown. When they partnered with BBC Bitesize, their timetable changed slightly. To accommodate this, they have provided alternative lessons for the weeks where this might occur. This is something we are doing this week for Monday and Tuesday and an ‘alternative’ lesson pdf containing video links has been put in the files for you as well as the resources. If you do go on to White Rose‘s website, do please ensure you are viewing the ‘alternative’ provision which is provided in a link alongside the standard weekly lessons.

Third Space Learning Independent Recap Activities

For those of you looking to give your children extra independent Maths recap practice, we have compiled some activity sheets from a company called ‘Third Space Learning’ who provide ‘Fluent in Five’ which you may already be familiar with. The sheets are comprised of an Arithmetic section, Practice and Challenge. Answer sheets are also provided. Click here to take a look and see what you think!

You can also continue to access Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize Daily Learning and Classroom Secrets should you wish to mix up your daily programme of learning.

Don’t forget: you continue to have access to Purple Mash, Education City, Lexia Core 5, Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars, Epic! Books and Discovery Espresso.

If you need any login reminders, just email your class teacher at the following addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

You can also ask to be added to our Class Dojo by emailing us at the above addresses where we can answer any support questions (privately or as class info).

We hope you continue to stay safe and well. We are here if you need us.

Take care all,

Miss Sanderson and Mrs Tuff 🙂 🙂