Suggestions for activities at home (as well as accessing the websites you have log on details for such as Purple Mash and Education City)
Children, you could read a story you enjoy and write a different ending, a character description or rewrite the story in your own words but change the character and their traits (innovate).
Write a report about a topic of your choice, something that you are interested in.
You could write a diary – Just like Samuel Pepys!
How about writing some letters to your friends to keep in touch with them while we aren’t in school or try sending them an email using Purple Mash.
Review a non-fiction book of your choice.
Lots of reading for enjoyment and re- reading your favourite books
sharing stories with an adult or siblings.  Your child may also be able to access Lexia. If prompted – use this email:  [email protected]  (You will need to download the App).
You should try and complete the SATs booklets, independently if possible, then you and your grown up could mark it.
See which of the Year 2 spelling rules you know and work on the ones you aren’t sure of.
Lots of work learning your 2x, 5x and 10x tables and the related division facts.  Get writing those Fact Families.  You should be able to answer as quickly as you would answer what your name is!
Try and complete your SATs booklet and get an adult to work through it with you, or if you do it independently, ask them to mark it.
Education City has lots of brilliant resources – we had been learning about Fractions and we were going to look at Geometry (Shape), Measurement including Time and Statistics (tally charts and pictograms etc) next.
Please do look at our school subject curriculum maps for more ideas for the other subjects.