Hello All,
I hope you’ve all enjoyed some of the fairer weather during the holidays and a little more freedom.
Just a reminder for those wishing to take part in bike ability week next week. (19th April)
It starts tomorrow and should last until Thursday unless they have more instructors which may mean¬†you’ll be finished by Wednesday – I’ll let you know as soon as I know.
If you are taking part you need to have returned the form (you can also bring it tomorrow).
Tomorrow you will need:
~ suitable working bike
~ lock if you wish to be keep it more secure in our bike shed
~ helmet
~ suitable clothing – check the weather –¬†you may need sunscreen!
~ uniform is not required for cycling days

NB if you are unable to take bikes home at the end of each day due to travelling by public transport or such like – the bikes can remain in school overnight.

If you request any other information, you can email me¬†[email protected]

I’m looking forward to seeing¬†you all tomorrow. I’ve got some nice things planned for the summer term.

Mrs McCormick