Hope you are all well and staying safe.

Thank you, once again, for all the hard work and effort you are putting in to supporting your child at home. This is very much appreciated by the staff. We expect to have some contact from you with your child’s teacher every week. If this does not happen, we will send you a message or give you a call to remind you. If we are still unable to make contact with you then we may need to pass this on to the Local Authority. Please contact school for support, if you are having problems logging on to any of the platforms or if you just need advice on how best to support your child.

Whilst the Government has stated that the FSM Vouchers will not be given out during the half term break, we have chosen to continue to issue them through Wonde. This will mean there will be no break in the access to vouchers until the children return to school – hopefully during the week beginning 8th March. This is yet to be confirmed as a return date.

Next week would have been International Week in school, so most of our year groups will continue with this remotely. We were also due to have an INSET day on Friday 12th, but due to the current situation this has been cancelled. Staff will continue to set work for the children for the whole of next week.

This week, we have had one child test positive for COVID and this has meant a bubble has had to be sent home to self isolate.

As always, we are here to offer help and advice should you want to talk anything through with us. Please ring us on 4564977 or contact myself on [email protected]

Take care, stay safe and have a good weekend,

Mrs Todd