I hope this update finds you all well and looking after each other, within your family home.

Thank you to everyone at home who has now taken on the role of ‘teacher’ for your child’s home learning. We have seen some excellent work going on this week!

The teachers and support staff have been working really hard to support both pupils and parents with online work etc and we have made it very clear that there are staff in school to help and offer support if this is needed. If the teachers have had no contact from you or your child, depending on the age group, then we will be ringing to ask how we can support with home learning. If we are still not able to contact you, we will make a home visit.

It’s a good idea to have a similar timetable to school for your child. For example, getting up and ready to start their work at normal school time, breaks, lunchtime and then finishing when school does. Some parents have already reported back that this is working really well for them.

The teachers are working in school on a rota and therefore can not always respond immediately to messages during the working day, though I know they have been trying very hard to do this! Please also be mindful of the time you contact your teachers too.

At the moment, school is providing packed lunches to those who have requested them and are eligible for free school meals, via means testing. Please contact the office staff at


if this is something you require. We are also able to signpost parents for food parcels or other help and support.

We would love to receive some photos of your child working at home, this can be any activity, not just sitting at the table writing. Please send your photos to either the class teacher or dtodd@ashley.s-tyneside.sch  and we will create a new montage with them on the school website.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Todd