From today, your child should have been able to access remote learning from our school website and communicated with their teacher via whichever form virtual media they use. If they have had any trouble accessing this, please contact school as soon as possible.

I have asked today for clarification on those pupils not attending school who are entitled to a means tested Free School Meal. As yet, there is no confirmed guidance about this. If you are struggling and need a food parcel to help at this time, please contact school and we can arrange this for you. Hopefully there will be a decision made by the Local Authority by the end of this week. Both Mrs Gill and Mrs Graham, our family workers, will continue to support families via phone calls from school.

I will post updates on a weekly basis, as well as posting any information we receive from the LA  in the meantime.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at school, if we can help to support your family during this challenging time.


Mrs Todd