I do hope this post finds you all well and that you have had fun at some point out in the snow this week. Pulling your child around on a sledge appears to be a fantastic way to keep fit!

Next week is half term, so the staff will not set work for the children again until Monday 22nd February. Thank you to everyone, who has worked so hard with their children at home, making sure that the children have engaged with the staff and that work has been regularly uploaded or completed for marking. We know that this is not easy, but we have been overwhelmed at your efforts to work with both your children and the staff. I have seen some fantastic examples of the children’s work, this has been a pleasure to read.

The children in school have also been working hard, following the same work as everyone at home. They have also produced some lovely work and Mr Bell’s Year 3 bubble even made sure I received an ‘Italian Ice Cream Sundae’ – linked to their international studies.

If your child has been in school this week and displays symptoms of COVID or has a test, then please contact me via email at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Hopefully, you can be creative and find some fun things to do over the half term break, whilst staying safe and sticking to the rules.

Take care,

Mrs Todd