We have had a number of parents contact us over the last few weeks, seeking advice around their child’s use of the internet and various platforms. As always we have lots of really useful information on our website:

One such case has involved grooming through an App, which was highlighted by a Youtuber, encouraging children to download the App to gain extra credits and hacks for games. The parent of the child is keen to warn other parents of such dangers and how easily this can happen.  It is a good point at which we should remind parents that YouTube is meant for children of 13 years and over – our children should really only be watching YouTube through the You Tube Kids App or with an adult supervising.

This happened when the child had been watching a YouTube video and was excited to learn from the performer that she might be able to get extra credits and find out hacks for games she plays. The conversation slowly turns into a grooming scenario and once the child’s parent realised what was happening, reported it to CEOP and the police.
Please do think carefully before allowing your child unsupervised access to a device which has no parental controls set.  The following information should give you some ideas as to how you can protect your child.
As always – if you have any concerns regarding internet safety please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.