Sometimes there are films and clips on the internet that are nasty and traumatic.  If students have seen anything on social media or the internet that upsets them they must be encouraged to speak to an adult.
Help for parents is available from our friends at [email protected]
Please also consider the games you may be thinking about buying your child.  All games have a PEGI rating which indicates who the game is aimed at – a game may look fun but if it has a PEGI rating of 18 it should only be bought by a person 18 or over and more importantly should only be played by someone 18 or over.  Please follow the links for further advice.

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Play Station 5 Advice

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SNAPMAPS  is a new feature on Snapchat which enables you (if you and a friend follow one another) to share your locations with friends. They can see where you are, who you are with and what is going on around you and in turn you can see the same information about them.

Potentially there is a safeguarding issue with Snap Maps and the message to all is that they have to be used responsibly in order for children, young people and adults to be kept safe. The advice is  do not  share your location with people you do not know.

Please see the attached sheet for more information.

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Advice while online:

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