Thank you for your patience with Snack Shack opening.

We have experienced a few issues obtaining stock in time to sell so unfortunately had to temporarily close.

I have now received part of a delivery so intend to re-open from next week.

All snacks cost 60p. Your child may purchase up to 5 snacks (1 for each day of the week), however may only buy up to 2 packets of Spicy Noodles at any one time. This is due to difficulty obtaining stock – and the fact that Spicy Noodles are our most popular snack!

Your child’s Snack Shack day is as follows:

Monday: Year 3 Mr Bell, Year 3 Mrs Royal, Year 1 Mrs Hall

Tuesday: Year 4 Mr Rich, Year 4 Mrs Dowens, Year 1 Mrs Jewitt

Wednesday: Year 5 Miss Sanderson, Year 5 Mrs Tuff, Year 2 Miss Stratford

Thursday: Year 6 Mrs Coult, Year 6 Miss Humphrey, Year 2 Miss Locklan

Friday: Reception (in class).


Miss Sanderson and the Fruit to Suit Team 🙂