Measures taken to improve since September 2021:



  • Dissemination of KCSIE to all staff
  • Dissemination of Speak Out/Whistle Blowing to all staff
  • Whole Staff Training with lead agency ‘Safeguarding First Ltd’
  • DSL training for new staff
  • DSL update training for experienced staff
  • Kidsafe update training completed
  • Further CPD timetabled for Summer term for all staff
  • Safeguarding included as Performance Management across school
  • Bruising in Children training undertaken
  • Governor training undertaken
  • PREVENT Training undertaken
  • Record of all disseminated documentation signed by ALL staff in school
  • MSET Training undertaken
  • Clennell Safeguarding provider subscription
  • Clennell Bitesize: Sexual Violence and Harassment & Physical Abuse for all staff
  • CPOMs training and review for DSLs
  • CPOMs training for all staff timetabled Summer 1.
  • SCR Training for DSLs
  • Training Matrix created and completed



  • Safeguarding on agenda for every meeting – SLT, Staff, Governor, Safeguarding Leads meets, Phase Meets
  • Specific Safeguarding small group meets to further support staff
  • CPOMs access for all members of staff and criteria for input – support from experienced staff (including CFWOs) to all staff members
  • Monthly Safeguarding Lead meets (Supervision) to review cases and events
  • Weekly Safeguarding supervision with LA and WISE
  • 2 representatives in attendance at agency meetings where possible
  • Parent Survey prepared for termly review
  • Pupil Survey undertaken for Spring termly review
  • Staff Survey undertaken for Spring termly review
  • Procedure information for staff and visitors
  • Safeguarding Information Card support to wear in lanyards
  • Staffroom Bulletin and information board alongside accompanying documentation
  • Specified area for Safeguarding information in Head Teachers Office
  • Posters around school
  • Pupil Voice for Safeguarding through School Council 
  • Junior Safeguarding Board in Junior corridor
  • LA Safeguarding support visit to school to review improvements including policy and procedures



  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy updated and reviewed frequently
  • Peer on Peer Abuse Policy created
  • All Statutory policies ratified and available on website/school office
  • Single Central Record – reviewed and relevant accompanying documentation audited and amended
  • Single Central Record timetable of external support/audit across the year
  • Website check half-termly – January rearranged and update for ease of access including more information about school – Safeguarding menu tab added March 2022
  • Audit of Safeguarding completed
  • Section 11 Audit completed
  • Action Plan created with short – medium – long term actions
  • All meetings, attendance of meetings, courses documented



  • Access to relevant training
  • Safeguarding Link appointed – and updated weekly or as necessary
  • Review progress of Safeguarding Action Plan – half termly
  • Safeguarding link complete on ground checks monthly – checklist provided
  • Check training records
  • Check SCR compliance
  • Link governor liaise with link governor of another school for further support



  • Movement around school premises defined to all
  • Fence in place in infant yard to prevent public walk-through at drop-off/collection times
  • Staff deployed to specific areas for drop-off/collection and available for support to families
  • Classroom cupboards all lockable
  • Main reception area decluttered and sign in changed
  • Safeguarding board in main entrance to support visitors
  • Colour coded lanyards for adults in school – with Safeguarding information card in.


Further actions


  • Increased signage inside and outside of school
  • Change main entrance area
  • Change outdoor areas – infant yard
  • Parent surveys to be conducted
  • Maintain the practices created to date so far including monitoring and checking of the practices.