Sunshine Circles

To support Year 2 pupils returning to school, the Child and Family Welfare workers have facilitated weekly Theraplay Sunshine Circles (therapy based play session in class). It focuses on fun activities, healthier peer relationships and regulation of emotions and feelings. Here is some of the feedback from our pupils and parents;

Sonny- “I loved it! I enjoyed blowing the feathers across the table. Mrs Graham and Mrs Gill were funny and entertaining.”

Oscar- “I really enjoyed it. It was exciting not knowing what games we were going to play so every lesson was a surprise. I really enjoyed the calm bits at the end.”

Tristan- “They made me happy and I found it funny.”
Savannah and Mason-”We had great fun! Love the hello song! We learnt always have fun and stick together.”


Friends for Life

The Child and Family Welfare workers have been working with 4RL and 5JM, facilitating the “Friends for Life” Program, which focusses on positive mental health, managing emotions and feelings. The pupils have been very brave talking about their feelings and exploring ways to change unhelpful thoughts to helpful ones. We hope that the children will share their new skills with friends and family.