Attendance at Ashley Primary School

Reception AH
Reception GG
Year 1 AM
Year 1 LS
Year 2 JHall
Year 2 JHarte
Year 3 SD
Year 3 SB
Year 4 NR
Year 4 RL
Year 5 JC
Year 5 JP
Year 6 JT
Year 6 KH

General Attendance

At the end of the summer term, we were delighted to award 33 of our children with a gift to reward them for their full attendance during the academic year. Whilst we are the first to encourage you to keep your child at home if they are genuinely ill, sometimes children miss days at school for other reasons which could be avoided. On your child’s report, you will have read the attendance total for the year, which can be represented as a % to show their attendance from September. The table below reveals the potential impact on learning, during an academic year.

Attendance  Days Absent Equivalent to No. of lessons missed
95% 9  2 weeks 50
90% 19 4 weeks 100
85% 29 6 weeks 150
80% 38 8 weeks 200
75% 48 10 weeks 250
70% 57 11.5 weeks  290
65% 67 13.5 weeks 340

Holidays During Term Time

As of 1st September 2013, new guidance from the Department for Education prohibits Head Teachers from granting holidays in term time, unless in very exceptional circumstances.


All pupils should be in the yard, ready to line up when the first bell rings at 8.50am. The doors will be closed following the second bell at 8.55am and all children should be in class by this time. It is very important that your child is in school ready to start the day with the rest of their classmates.

Did you know?

Lost minutes each morning Equivalent to days lost over 1 year
5 minutes late every day 3 days
10 minutes 6.5 days
15 minutes 10 days
20 minutes 13 days

We are aware that things happen, which will hold people up occasionally, but this should NOT be on a daily basis. Attendance and punctuality will be monitored closely this term. We appreciate your support on this matter.

Guidance on infection control in schools and other settings:

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